On 8/16, a well planned action took place at several army/military recruiting offices in Portland. At the end of the days actions, all groups of protesters met up at the Lloyd Center Recruiting Office for a mass protest. They marched from there across town to an Obama Campaign Training Facility where they Occupied the building and 6 persons went into the office and refused to leave.

Upon closing time of the office, the protesters would not budge and were locked in the facility by management. Portland Police were called and around a dozen cops showed up. They were advised by a liason that the protesters intended to stay until PFC Bradley Manning was released and the police stated that “that is an unreal demand”. They asked if the protesters intended to be arrested (which they did) and proceeded to bring in the wagon, enter the building, and arrest 5 protesters in a peaceable manner. Prior to doing so, they made an over the mic announcement that everyone was being recorded by cameras in patrol cars.

Remaining supporters marched to the downtown Justice Center in solidarity and the people were released within two hours of being arrested. This is part of a national solidarity effort and day of action to free Private Bradley Manning.

Video Link:

Free Bradley Manning Protest – 5 Arrested Inside Obama Campaign Facility (Short)