On May 24th, Occupy Portland along with postal union reps and union leaders met in Terry Schrunk Plaza and spoke of the cuts that are affecting community and rural Post Offices and their employees.  They then marched to the University Place Postal Office and proceeded to peacefully enter the establishment with paid-postage post cards to mail, asking the Post Master General to stop the cuts and closures to Post Offices across America.  Their statement is part of a bigger message to the government; stop the cuts to public services we so desperately need and rely on.  It was pointed out that there are many rural and elderly people who are not in the technological loop and in need of using mail to communicate for business, family, and well being.  The corporate media sloop on this is that technology is to blame for the crisis for no one seems to use “mail” anymore and “email” is dominating the industry.  They try to spin this in an interview with Jamie Partridge, lead organizing activist and former Postal employee.  Ten activists were arrested after closing of the building as a symbol of Occupying the Post Office to keep it open, here is a video link to the days action-

Video Link: