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What an inspiring action presented by Occupy Portland in Portlands’ living room, Pioneer Square. Around 250 people showed up for the Facebook event created to bring solidarity with the students in Canada who are protesting in the thousands for education reform, as tuition rate increases are three times ours and interest rates are insane. This local rally showed the world and Canada that we are in support of the universal mission to lower the cost of higher education and increase the worth of degrees to actually make the academic investment worth it.

Great speeches were given by students and former students who were heavily affected by the debt they incurred while attending school. A contest was held to see who had the highest student debt, and a woman with 111,0000 dollars of debt took the crown. The frustration was seen in the faces of the many that decided to get up, grab the bull horn and tell their story. A visiting student from Montreal Canada just happened to be in Portland and spoke of how appreciative he is of all the solidarity that Portland is bringing to this issue. Another point I would like to make is that the private education industry is thriving off of students with tuition that’s twice as high as community or state colleges, and their marketing strategies such as TV ads that show low income or seemingly incompetent former and current students with success stories are leading people to believe the investment is worth it, when more than not, it’s not.



Right To Survive hosts its second annual “Pitch A Tent II” action in solidarity with R2DToo and other homeless. The idea is for people to come down and camp along side the homeless to show solidarity for those who only ask for basic human needs. The property on NW 4th Ave is possibly being sold now and is facing future fines in addition to the current city fines in the thousands. At 10am this morning many marched in solidarity from the camp down 4th Avenue to set up tents and Occupy. Food tents were set up with suggested donations for R2S of any amount. I seen many people being fed and drinks, coffee, and condiments were offered.

Some usual Rose Parade camping patrons were fussy about some spaces being taken that they “usually camp” in, but property is not “owned” as we all know so you can’t designate your spot from last year. In fact pulling out chalk and duct tape isn’t going to help either, so accept the fact that the homeless are Occupying as they always have been…and that they do this 365 days a year. All of us deserve the right to basic human needs such as sleep, shelter, food, water, and hygiene. Right To Survive is planning to Occupy more spaces with tents over the next day and hopes to bring this issue to city leaders’ attention as well as the public. We also hope that they drop the fines and quit issuing more. In speaking with Ibrahim from R2DToo, I was told that everything went well and many people were showing up to camp. Casual police monitoring but no interference by them as nightfall came.


 On May 24th, Occupy Portland along with postal union reps and union leaders met in Terry Schrunk Plaza and spoke of the cuts that are affecting community and rural Post Offices and their employees.  They then marched to the University Place Postal Office and proceeded to peacefully enter the establishment with paid-postage post cards to mail, asking the Post Master General to stop the cuts and closures to Post Offices across America.  Their statement is part of a bigger message to the government; stop the cuts to public services we so desperately need and rely on.  It was pointed out that there are many rural and elderly people who are not in the technological loop and in need of using mail to communicate for business, family, and well being.  The corporate media sloop on this is that technology is to blame for the crisis for no one seems to use “mail” anymore and “email” is dominating the industry.  They try to spin this in an interview with Jamie Partridge, lead organizing activist and former Postal employee.  Ten activists were arrested after closing of the building as a symbol of Occupying the Post Office to keep it open, here is a video link to the days action-

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