I posted a week ago following the Portland UPSET event organised by a Grant High School history teacher and supporters (including students) a month ago. Last week a revolutionary movement took place as over a thousand people stood in support of education reform. Children held their signs high for media and photographers as they marched with their peers, teachers, and parents over the broadway bridge and through the heart of Portland. You could see both surpise and concern in the eyes of the people calmly watching as the youth marched by. One young girl lost her voice in motivating the front of the pack. Another boy held a red flag as he led the way.

As I have said before, it bothers me that children and teachers have to stand up for the very educational infrastucture they hold up. The youth should not have to worry about whether or not their favorite teachers will be there in the next fiscal school year. It’s not their problem. The top-down system has not provided a future for the youth and has put education on the back burner for too long. It’s time we stand up against this and save our childrens future.