The May Day 2012 day events came to a close days ago and will go down as “the May Day that never ended” according to those who chose to finish the night by marching to the jail to support the people arrested throughout the day. A group of around 200 protesters marched from Pioneer Sqare to the Justice Center with frustration stemming from the police brutality that some experienced and the arrests that were made. The rally was organized to show support and solidarity for them and bring awareness to negative police interaction shown.

Portland police released a statement saying that the groups engaging in the unpermitted marches were unrelated and not participants in the main May Day activities. Myself and other reporters including Livestream and corporate media documented this rally and as a witness, I seen many activists, press, Occupy, and marchers that were present throughout the day and therefor were a part of the mainstream activities of the day. Although some of the protesters appeared to be “anarchists” and executed such behaviour, they were in attendence and part of all the events. It is important to point out that only a small number of unknown people choose to exercise criminal behaviour in these events, and vocal non-violent protesting is not illegal- in fact its a right. The right to assemble.

This action brought the most violence out of the of the Portland police that I’ve personally seen since eviction night of Occupy, and there were only 150-200 protesters. I will say that the PPD has for the most part handled previous events peacefully however this night brought out over 100 officers for a small weaponless group. This costs us money as city taxpayers and brings intimidation and animosity to citizens (whatever classification they may be). Now the PPB has become aware of the fact that they are being taped by many and have released a press statement about it which you are surely to only find excusively here. The release is as follows:

“May Day, as with all other Portland demonstrations, was widely filmed by media and members of the community. Portland Police officers are well aware of the continuous filming and as an organization, the Portland Police Bureau welcomes the filming as a way to further increase transparency. As with any video, however, it must be shown in full context and not edited to remove relevant footage.” Portland Police Bureau

Lets see if this rings true. Arrest are included in this video, viewer discression advised.

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