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Early morning on Saturday 5/26, the Reynolds School District accepted the contract set out by the Reynolds Teacher Association.  Teachers will vote on their agreement on Wednesday (5/30).  This shows what the education system means to people and how unified solidarity in the community can bring change.  Thanks to all those who came out in support.



     At twelve noon on 5/23/12, a meeting was held by the Reynolds School District at the New Beginnings Christian Center regarding a teacher contract. Around 200 showed up with signs, banners, and PA equipment to facilitate the strike and rally. Even the Teamsters Union came through with a tractor trailer in solidarity. Many prominent Portland action groups were there and organizers gave thanks for their participation. Local organizations such as Portland Jobs With Justice, Portland Rising, Local 483, SEIU Local 49, and many others.

The Reynolds district closed their meeting at 2pm and told liasons that they had agreed to monetary portions of the contract, but not other teacher agreements. The teachers stand firm that they will take nothing less than a full agreement of the contract including such things as breaks for teachers, more class prep time, less furloughs, and smaller class sizes. The teachers had the support of the community and great speeches were given as well as an archival performance of a local Reynolds teacher which gave a “beat box” rap to inspire the people. Thanks to all who attended this event in solidarity.


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Reynolds School District Negotiations Meeting Rally


I posted a week ago following the Portland UPSET event organised by a Grant High School history teacher and supporters (including students) a month ago. Last week a revolutionary movement took place as over a thousand people stood in support of education reform. Children held their signs high for media and photographers as they marched with their peers, teachers, and parents over the broadway bridge and through the heart of Portland. You could see both surpise and concern in the eyes of the people calmly watching as the youth marched by. One young girl lost her voice in motivating the front of the pack. Another boy held a red flag as he led the way.

As I have said before, it bothers me that children and teachers have to stand up for the very educational infrastucture they hold up. The youth should not have to worry about whether or not their favorite teachers will be there in the next fiscal school year. It’s not their problem. The top-down system has not provided a future for the youth and has put education on the back burner for too long. It’s time we stand up against this and save our childrens future.


Saturday was the hottest day of the year, and Colonel Summers Park was crawling with people looking to enjoy the nice sunny weather. A good number of these people were attending the May 12th M12PDX R/Evolution Bike Swarm and Potluck celebration. As I came upon the pavillion I saw many familiar faces gathered around tables full of local, passionately made food for the soul and many bicycles!
This day of R/Evolution was inspired by spanish indignados who are now in a three-day action and gathered in solidarity by the thousands. Daily they will be protesting in the streets to bring change to not only their government, but social reform and economic justice. This summer more and more people will be awakening and those who are awake will be more active than ever. Is it so that an activist is defined simply as an active person? It’s more logical to assume that it means a “politically active” person. Either way I see revolutionary actions daily now and even though their tired feet hurt at the end of the day, activists will still slways make a stand for their comrads. Heres to the bicyclists who ride the perimeter when the times get tough, the marcher whose sign is becoming heavy upon their shoulder, the ones that take the brunt, and the videoista who is on the front lines documenting the movement.
We are part of something bigger than ouselves, possibly the dawning of a new society where everyone is and feels like they are an influence and voice in the collective order.

M12PDX R/Evolution Bike Swarm & Potluck In The Park


Spanish Indignados along with Occupy are Calling For A Global R/Evolution involving international syndicates of social movements. Occupy Portland has recognized this event as an action of solidarity by inviting anyone riding anything with wheels to come participate in the bike swarm, those who useself transportation can follow along and take to the street. There will be a Potluck at 4pm and food donations are encouraged. Come out for a sunny day of R/Evolution @ Colonel Summers Park in southeast Portland!


The May Day 2012 day events came to a close days ago and will go down as “the May Day that never ended” according to those who chose to finish the night by marching to the jail to support the people arrested throughout the day. A group of around 200 protesters marched from Pioneer Sqare to the Justice Center with frustration stemming from the police brutality that some experienced and the arrests that were made. The rally was organized to show support and solidarity for them and bring awareness to negative police interaction shown.

Portland police released a statement saying that the groups engaging in the unpermitted marches were unrelated and not participants in the main May Day activities. Myself and other reporters including Livestream and corporate media documented this rally and as a witness, I seen many activists, press, Occupy, and marchers that were present throughout the day and therefor were a part of the mainstream activities of the day. Although some of the protesters appeared to be “anarchists” and executed such behaviour, they were in attendence and part of all the events. It is important to point out that only a small number of unknown people choose to exercise criminal behaviour in these events, and vocal non-violent protesting is not illegal- in fact its a right. The right to assemble.

This action brought the most violence out of the of the Portland police that I’ve personally seen since eviction night of Occupy, and there were only 150-200 protesters. I will say that the PPD has for the most part handled previous events peacefully however this night brought out over 100 officers for a small weaponless group. This costs us money as city taxpayers and brings intimidation and animosity to citizens (whatever classification they may be). Now the PPB has become aware of the fact that they are being taped by many and have released a press statement about it which you are surely to only find excusively here. The release is as follows:

“May Day, as with all other Portland demonstrations, was widely filmed by media and members of the community. Portland Police officers are well aware of the continuous filming and as an organization, the Portland Police Bureau welcomes the filming as a way to further increase transparency. As with any video, however, it must be shown in full context and not edited to remove relevant footage.” Portland Police Bureau

Lets see if this rings true. Arrest are included in this video, viewer discression advised.

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