F29 was a well planned, successful action that spread from Portland to over 70 cities across the nation on 2/29. We set out early morning in different directions to cover the day from both the east and west side and the day turned out many actions at multiple ALEC member corporations. On the eastside, dozens of organizers from SPOG (seriously pissed-off grannies), Occupy and others marched to, entered, and vocally protested several businesses. Wearing HAZMAT style suits and packing “cleaning” equipment along with yellow caution tape, the were successful in letting the companies know that they were there to clean up after ALEC’s toxic contamination.

The west side brought a long day of well prepared actions that started with a rally/workshop under the bridge at SW Ankeny & NW Naito Parkway. Occupy facilitators stressed the issues that corrupt the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and allow corporations that are members to “sway” the law and legislation in their direction and influence lawmaking for their benefit. This corporate “personhood” and legislative manipulation allows companies to profit greater in a bad economy and increasingly gives them breaks. This is wrong, and this is why Occupy Portland brought it to everyones attention and to the door steps of many of these corporations on F29. The day of successful actions came to a close with only seven arrests (for non-violent reasons) and eight locations protested. A Occupy representive was in communication with police as a liason throughout the march, and the next day Portland Police released a memo stating that F29 was a generally peaceful, controlled march and that though a permit was not aquired, the route went smoothly. Success.

East Side- “High Levels Of ALEC Activity”
West Side- “F The Corporations Day”