8.26.11 In northeast Portland on 71st and Fremont street there was a roar of chants flowing as IndyMedia filmed in support.  Once again, security was dispatched (to this location for the first time) and they proceeded to monitor the protest from the inside of the store.  There were 4-5 people who decided to not buy a pizza and confronted the management about these issues (sexual harrassment and racial discrimination).  The public show of support was outstanding, and once again many cars drove by honking their horns.  Some even parked and joined the picketing.  We recieved reports that other workers in the area have also been mistreated at their own jobs.  One young man interviewed said he had been recently fired from a deli shop that same day and had endured cruel treatment by the owners of the deli.  According to him, they made homophobic references to him and called him names before and at the time of his discharge.  This protest was filmed by Joe Anybody, and is available to watch on YouTube.

Papa Murphy’s Pizza Protest #5 video: