I have just attended the Papa Murphy’s Pizza protest on 7.22.11 at the location on NE 15th and Fremont. This is protest #2 in lieu of the bad employer practices that spurred the first protest on July 1st. According to former employees Cherise and Dennise Mofidi, management was making racial remarks and sexually harassing them in the workplace. When these former workers took their complaint to upper management, their concerns were not met. Other issues have arisen also here at this location as well.
It was stated that homophobic terms and racial slurs have been directed at employees and that employees are not getting state and federal mandated breaks. The “Youth Empowerment Revolution” was formed by the Mofidi’s in coalition with other youth to bring awareness to youth on issues of civil and human rights. This protest was in excess of 40 people and everyone was in solidarity with one another. Cars driving by were handed flyers and honked in support, even bystanders picked up signs and joined the movement. Organizers stated that if their demands are not met, they will stage another larger protest in three weeks.

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